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Designed for Gospel Missions

MissionTracker was developed for an actual gospel mission in Eau Claire, WI to help them overcome some of the people-management challenges that they faced.

After working with two other companies that failed, JB Systems created a custom online software program that exactly fit our needs. They recreated our website from an old template style website to a professional looking website that has gotten many compliments. They've added time saving and paper saving tools to both our software and our website, including linking the two to work together. We've had many unique requests and JB Systems has been able to create a solution or tool to accommodate each one.

–Chris Hedlund, Hope Gospel Mission


Manage Volunteer Profiles
View / Add / Edit Personal Profiles
References & Commitment Levels
Employment History
Groups & Service Learning
Service Awards
Advanced Volunteer Search
Volunteer Logs / Notes
Volunteer Tools
Time Clock System
Advanced Reporting
Quick Reports (Birthdays, Anniversaries)
Track Hours by Department, Volunteer Type, or Volunteer
Track Lapsed Volunteers
Export Volunteer Lists for Labels or .csv
Manage Applications from Website
New Volunteer Checklist
Request Volunteers / Positions
Other Tools
User / System Administration

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