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Designed for Gospel Missions

MissionTracker was developed for an actual gospel mission in Eau Claire, WI to help them overcome some of the people-management challenges that they faced.

After working with two other companies that failed, JB Systems created a custom online software program that exactly fit our needs. They recreated our website from an old template style website to a professional looking website that has gotten many compliments. They've added time saving and paper saving tools to both our software and our website, including linking the two to work together. We've had many unique requests and JB Systems has been able to create a solution or tool to accommodate each one.

–Chris Hedlund, Hope Gospel Mission

Pricing Making It Affordable for Gospel Missions

MissionTracker's web-based, software-as-a-service model allows you to use a truly customizable software at a fraction of the cost of alternatives.

Client calendar of events and registration
Client Workflow management system
Color coded visual assessment tool
Individual Profiles
Personal Info
Family, children, emergency contacts
Parole, child support
Vehicle Info
Spiritual Profile
Medical Info (medications, allergies, medical history, U/A tests)
Financial Info
Resident Fees
Checkbook Register
Asset & Debt Reports
Employment Tracking
Employment Applications
Assessments & Programs
Track Visits / Stays
General Log Entry
Exit Interviews
Enter Assessments Throughout Stay
Meal Tracking
U/A Entry / Log
Advanced Log System
Weekly Reviews
Voucher System
Renewal Plans (Educational, Spiritual, etc.)
Advanced Reporting Tools
At a Glance
Reconcile of Accounts
Statistics by area, program, gender, etc.
Quick Reports (Financial Advisor, SSN & ID, Negative Fees, Unemployment, etc.)


Monthly Cost - Software as a Service (SaaS) $399.99/month
One-Time Setup Fee $399.99

Customization Packages

5 Hours $499.99
10 Hours $899.99
20 Hours $1699.99
Additional Customization Please Call for a Quote

For more information please contact us! 888-JB-SYSTM