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MissionTracker Features

What's New & Coming in 2015
Color coded visual assessment tool
Workflow management system
Client calendar of events and registration
Education tracking & courseware building
Sexual offender API lookup
Record client profiles
Manage client calendars
Manage client case notes
Record client assessments and evaluations
Record long term clients or overnight guests
Integrated voucher system for clients
Client checkbook register and accounting
Report on 30+ metrics
Print client “id cards” with photo ID and barcode
Completely customizable
Store employee profiles
Integrated shift calendar
Time Clock for easy logging of hours
Hours reporting by building and department
U/A Entry and logging
Reviews and assessments logging
Time clock exporting to payroll providers
At-a-glance reports for birthdays and anniversaries
PTO system with integratable accrual
Print staff “id cards” with photo ID and barcode
Completely customizable
Store volunteer profiles
Checklist system for onboarding
Volunteer scheduling
Volunteer reporting - date, building, department
Group volunteers by skills & interests
Track lapsed or deliquent volunteers
Export volunteers to Avery mailing labels
Print volunteer “id cards” with photo ID and barcode
Completely customizable
Time Clock
Volunteer, Staff, and Client Uses
Reports by date range, building, department
Works on a desktop computer, tablet, or phone
Easily export reports for payroll processors
Private address - can filter out requests offsite
Barcode enabled for badge scanning

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