MissionTracker is a cloud-based resident tracking software system developed for Gospel Rescue Missions of any size.

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Track Residents, Employees, Volunteers

The MissionTracker Suite is a web-based system that allows you to easily track the information important to your organization related to employees, the people you help, and those who help you make a difference in their lives. MissionTracker was originally designed for missions, by missions and offers reporting and tracking capabilities that can be tailored specifically to your needs. Easily integrated with your website, the MissionTracker components give your organization the flexibility and convenience that you need to grow and thrive in the digital age.

  • Always be informed of the people that you help at your facilities. Track visits, monitor their progress in your programs, and get quick reports for vouchers given, meals served, lives changed, and much more…
  • Easily oversee and maintain the growth of your employees. Manage PTO, benefits, reviews and tax documents. Assign training classes, send reminders, and integrate with your website to streamline new applications…
  • Keep in touch with your volunteers as they work alongside you. Schedule expected helpers, request additional aid, and run useful reports on hours served, attendance trends, rewards earned and much more…
  • Give the people who interact with your organization an easy and accurate way to log their hours. Clients can check in and out of classes, volunteers can log in and out of their service, and staff can clock in and out of their shifts…

…all with ease, on any device, and backed up in the cloud.

In the Cloud - What does it mean?

Two important things: One. All of your information is available to you anywhere you have access to the internet, on any device with a web browser. Be more efficient and accurate with the information you need always at your fingertips. Two. Every night all of your valuable data is backed up to several secure off-site facilities to ensure that your records remain safe. Put your mind at ease, knowing that your data is protected against hardware failure, malicious intent, and natural disaster.

What's New & Coming in 2015

  • Color coded visual assessment tool
  • Workflow management system
  • Client calendar of events and registration
  • Education tracking & courseware building
  • Sexual offender API lookup

The Orlando Union Rescue Mission has found JB Systems to be a reliable, cost effective, fully customizable computer system which allows our ministry to track the more than 90,200 nights of shelter and 359,000 meals we provide for the homeless men, women and children of Central Florida each year. It is a user friendly, web based system which has allowed our staff, even those with basic computer skills, the opportunity to generate practical reports and fully utilize this centralized tracking program.”
-John Parrott ,The Orlando Union Rescue Mission

For more information please contact us! 888-JB-SYSTM